Yoga Parva is a one week residential program focuses on Yoga and Naturopathy.
This program facilitates the participants to learn how to maintain good health blended with Spirituality.
There will be one Yoga Parva program on every month and in each program, there is a provision for minimum 25 participants to take part.
The stipulated admission fee for the week long program is fixed for each participant.

Salient features:
1.    Simple yet effective treatment for all the common ailments
2.    Holistic yoga, naturopathy, food therapy, and spiritual therapy
3.    Symposiums on maintaining good health, health education and creation of awareness about health
4.    An honest effort to achieve better health with the help of Divine Park routine activities
5.     Treatment and counselling by expert doctor and well trained yoga teachers
6.    All the participants are treated as honest seekers good health
7.    Availability of yoga, naturopathy, food therapy and spirituality for treating all the common ailments