For Students

“Education is the Manifestation of the Perfection already in Man”.

Swami Vivekanda’s idea of Education was very clear and holistic, as is evident from these famous words of his.  An individual’s education is not complete unless he realizes and learns to use his true potential.  Our Vedic education system was based on these ideals and hence India could produce great minds like Aryabhata, Sushruta,Bhaskara etc.

But slowly our traditional systems were eroded and  corroded by the colonial ideas of education as a means to get job in the British India.  A report from Lord Macaulay on Education system in 1835 reads like this..

“I propose that we replace India’s  old and ancient education system, her culture, for if the Indians think that all that is foreign and English is good and greater than their own, they will lose their self-esteem, their native self-culture and they will become what we want them, a truly dominated nation.”
By embracing the western Education System blindly, we have been rolling out millions of unemployed and unemployable youths year after year, as it does not empower an individual on the moral and spiritual aspects of life which form the core of any healthy society.

Swami  Vivekanada’s fight against such harmful practices is still continued in Divine Park through programs such as Vidhyashree , Vidyarthi Deepa and Raja Sangama.
While Vidhyarthi Deepa is conducted by the local Divine Spark s near you,  Vidyashree and Raja Sangama are conducted at Divine Park,Saligrama under the auspicious presence of Shri Guruji and Poojya Doctorji.



It is a specially tailored One Day workshop for Highschool and College students.  The whole objective is to make a student excel in all aspects of studies by guiding him on, Physical,Moral ,Intellectual and Spritual development. A proper grooming in these formative years will make sure they don’t drift away from their course when they are part of the mainstream.

Few areas of focus in this program are:
•    How to make the student life meaningful
•    Secrets of improving Memory power
•    How to fine tune behavior and be an ideal individual
•    Effective Preparation for exams and how to face with confidence
•    How to get grace of God easily
•    Maintaining same enthusiasm throughout the academics
•    Simple exercises for physical fitness
•    Participation in extra-curricular activities.

Raja Sangama:

Exams are a dreaded thing for most students.  On the other hand, the holidays declared right after exams  is the most anticipated time.  With the intention to relax and enjoy, students spend holidays without thinking about the future and what is to come.  Divine Park, in its endeavor to  build a strong nation through Man-Making, organizes Raja Sangama.  This is a three-day holiday retreat for students from 7th Standard to College.
With a well crafted curriculum ,this retreat helps each student’s overall development with fun-filled and interactive sessions.

The highlights of Raja Sangama are :
1.    Students between 7th Standard and Degree are eligible to participate.
2.    Raja Sangama is held in April and May every year at Divine Park, Saligrama for 3 days.
3.    During these days, students will be provided with guidance on overall development to create a bright future for themselves.
4.    Yoga training is provided.
5.    Topics discussed in the retreat include Patriotism, Service to the Nation and messages from the lives of great freedom fighters.
6.    Special emphasis is given on developing concentration, increasing  memory power and to overcome exam fear.
7.    Entry fee for this program is Rs 1000.