For Parents

It is a known fact that a family’s interest and objective is to have worthy progeny. On the surface, a child birth is seen as a result of mere physical unity but in reality lot of spiritual factors contribute to the cycle, right from Conceiving ,Gender, Health, Delivery and also the basic behavioral qualities of the child .
Swami Vivekananda in his subtle form of Sri Guruji at Divine Park has been revealing Divine such secrets and also the remedies to probable pitfalls in the entire cycle of Progeny. His stress on Man Making is also felt in the importance he attaches to upbringing of the child. He has revealed that a Child can be devoid of all Past Bad deeds if the parents perform certain Sadhana. A window of 18 months ( 9 months in womb and 9 months after delivery) is given by God to erase all the past bad deeds and make the child an ideal individual worthy of society and family.


Rakshashree is a One day work shop which teaches the finer aspects of parenting on these guidelines of Shri Guruji- Swami Vivekananda. The key points one can learn are,
• Finer ways to teach kids
• Child is an instrument of God to reduce parents past deeds
• A balanced way of treating kids as neither pampering not thrashing will fail to bring in the desired changes
• It is definitely possible to make kids 100% obedient
• Society can be strong and healthy only if a family is happy
• Divine qualities ,not money are the key to a happier family
• Each one’s share in making the Home a heaven
• A life of lesser expenditure is possible through discipline and patience.