Mass Upanayana

Divine Park organizes a Mass Upanayana( Bhramhopadesham) program every year – to initiate interested spiritual seekers with the powerful sacred Gayathri Manthra. Uniqueness here is people can be participated irrespective of caste, creed and age. Reverend Doctorji himself explains the importance and meanings of the Upanayana and Gayathri Manthra.

This is an opportunity for all the spiritual aspirants to get the manthra initiation at the sacred land of the great saint Budha Koushika. This beautiful ceremony takes us to the glorious days of Vedic era where all the Rushi’s together chant veda manthra’s and initiate their disciples. – Here as well, a group of priests and parents of the disciples performs this mass Upanayana meaningfully with all the Vedic rituals under the guidance of Pujya Doctorji.