Mass Marriage

 “ Marriages are Made in Heaven…!”
As Divine Park is the place where all Gods and Goddesses have their presence, it is apt to conduct marriages in Divine Park. So getting married in this auspicious place could only happen because of One’s previous good deeds.

The marriage are conducted under the guidence of poojya Doctorji who would constantly be praying for the well being of the newly weds on the occasion. Later Doctorji would bless the pairs and talk about how to lead a successful family life. He himself is an example for every married person about how to be Divine(adapt divine qualities) in the midst of being a family person.
As all the arrangements are taken care by Divine Park and same prodecures and rituals are followed for all irrespective of cast and creed, parents of bride and Groom need not worry at all.
The rituals are simple and are completed in half a day. For every ritual performed, Doctorji later will tell the significance and the purpose of doing them. So everyone would be completely involved in the ceremony.