Vishwamangala Homa

Vishwa Mangala Homa is a unique divine programme conceived by Sri Guruji – Swami Vivekananda and being conducted by His spiritual medium Rev.Doctorji, since several years in different places of our country and abroad. As the name suggests, this program is conducted with a noble mission for the weal and welfare of all in this world.

Unlike Homas being conducted by priests wherein people’s active participation is limited, in this unique Homa, each devotee is given the opportunity to offer ‘Aahuti’ in the sacred altar in several rounds with chanting of the divine mantras continuously. This program is very unique because this is conducted by a God Realized person – Doctorji, who has been receiving the Divine Messages of Swami Vivekananda for more than 40 years now.

The Program is organized generally in open ground where in devotees in thousands congregate at the auspicious time of Bhramimohorta (generally from 4:00 to 7:00 AM) and will conclude by the sunrise with the notion of seeing a new light in our lives.

Every devotee present in the gathering will offer the food items as prescribed by Sri Guruji – Swami Vivekananda himself. Food Items offered as aahuti for Homa, each of which symbolizes the offering of the ‘inner nine foes’ in us like, Lust, Anger, Greed etc to the Almighty. Revered Doctorji, explains before each round, the scientific relevance and inner spiritual meaning of offering these items to the Lord.

From the time Homa Starts, till it concludes, all the devotees will be chanting the Divine Mantras of the respective Deities as guided by Revered Doctorji. Generally the number of rounds will be preset by Sri Guruji himself and after each round, Revered Doctorji explains the Divine Messages he had received and also the visions of the Deities revealed in Homa.
After conclusion of this special Homa, revered Doctorji will announce the far reaching beneficial effect of this Homa as given by Sri Guruji-Swami vivekananda. This program is regularly held on 1st January every year at Divine Park – Saligrama Udupi. On every Good Friday at Swami Vivekananda Mandira – Kyathanahalli – in Mandya District, is already a witness to 15 such auspicious Homa conducted every year.

Vishwamangala Homa has gained popularity over the years in India due to its practical and simple procedure of seeing God and hence this is also being conducted in other places outside India.

In Short the Unique Homa organized under the Guidance of Patriot Monk of India, Swami Vivekananda Himself and being conducted by a Man of God and a medium of Swamiji – Doctorji, for the welfare of all in the universe, has very special significance due to active participation of all the devotees and messages revealed by God and Goddess in the program.

All this makes it a great treat to watch. A program never to be missed in one’s life time – will you too join in this spectacular event? Don’t miss the bliss!!