During the olden days in India, there were many sages who made sincere and honest efforts to realise the God within.  Now, people are more civilised and educated but have unfortunately forgotten our rich heritage and spiritual connection.  Most of them run behind money, name and fame and they stoop down to any level for their selfish and materialistic desires.  The existence of God has almost been forgotten and we hear people say that God is nowhere. God has become an allergy rather than a source of energy.  If they do happen to seek God, they go outside their homes and see beautiful statues of different Gods made up of costly materials. They know that these statues cannot speak, think or move.  They do not respect the statues they consider lifeless and think they can get away with any terrible thing that they do.

What is the solution for this?  In the olden days, children were sent to a teacher, who would not only teach academics but also teach religion and its importance.  The teacher would help mould the personality of each student by teaching them good values and guiding them on the right path to development.  This training would eventually help them realise God.  The teacher, is also called ‘Guru’.  ‘Gu’ means Darkness and ‘Ru’ means light.  Hence, ‘Guru’ is one who does away with the darkness of ignorance and shows us the path to lead a divine and peaceful life.

A divine and peaceful life does not necessarily mean that there will be no problems.  The Guru will help change our perspective towards problems so we do not get disturbed by them.  One step towards this is by ‘Sadhana’.  ‘Sadhana’ is a lively spiritual sojourn, to see, seek and sieze the God within.  The God (divinity) within us, is the pranashakti or life force driving us.  To realise this divinity, naama, niyama, prema are necessary.  Naama, niyama, prema mean reciting God’s name consistently with love and devotion.  Once we achieve this, we will succeed in getting His instantaneous guidance and hear Him within us and realise Him with our inner eye.

In Divine Park, we are very fortunate to have a God realised soul – Poojya Doctorji who has been receiving spiritual messages from Swami Vivekananda for more than 40 years now.  Doctorji has performed rigorous Sadhana to get the divine grace of Swami Vivekananda, whom he lovingly refers to as Guruji.  Since Doctorji has traversed this path of Sadhana and been enlightened, he imparts the knowledge to us so that we may do the same.

Guruvandana is a session held twice a month, usually the first and last Sunday, after the Divine Discourse of Swami Vivekananda.   The session lasts for about an hour, during which Poojya Doctorji clears the doubts of spiritual seekers and keeps the atmosphere holy and enthralling with his humorous and profound thoughts.  This is a unique opportunity for many devotees to interact personally with Poojya Doctorji.  Anyone can attend this program free of cost and get their spiritual questions answered.  Since the session is held right after the Divine Discourse from Sri Guruji, the minds of the people who attend this program will be further elevated.   You can get the benefit of this program and listen to a God realised person – Poojya Doctorji.