Divine Tour with Doctorji

Pilgrimages have been part of all religions from time immemorial. We often seek solace in a place filled with positive energy and serenity. India being the land of God and Spirituality, pilgrimage holds greater importance ,especially if it we are accompanying a Sadguru. Divine Park has been organizing Divine Tours- a pilgrimage to Holy places. Unlike other tours, Divine Tour is very unique and special because it is led by Poojya Doctorji- a God realized Saint. For the entire duration of Tour, everyone will be thinking only about God and the places being visited.
Poojya Doctorji explains and briefs everyone the previous day on the signifance of the place and how to Pray at the temple. Also he discloses message given from the reigning Deity of that place. Everyone is bound to get vivid experiences and are sure of traversing in the Spiritual plane throughout the journey.
Another interesting aspect of these tours is that everyone is given a chance to speak about a topic by pick and speak. The topics are simple in nature such as “Ocean”, “Stuffs in grocery shop” and participants are supposed to speak about the spiritual significance of the same. The reason being – A true Sadhaka has to see God in every object he comes across. Doctorji has been leading by example as he attaches spiritual significance to everyday objects like Doormat,Dustbin and Broom. No need to say that everyone  enjoyed the activity, especially when the true spiritual aspects were being explained by Poojya Doctorji.

Unlike other Tours, the entire travel time is spent discussing about the topics given by Doctorji. It not only enhances our knowledge but also helps us to understand and mingle with people from various walks of life,their culture,thoughts etc. To summarize the Divine tours, one can reap the best from it with Doctorji’s auspicious presence and guidance, irrespective of the places visited. It is an opportunity of Lifetime for spending time along with Doctorji, which is very rare to get in his busy schedule.