Sri Rama Navami

Lord Sri Rama is the personification of the Divine quality – Love. Love is the first Divine virtue which has the power to vanish most of the problems that we are facing. Sri Rama is premaswaroopa. Innumerable are the instances in his life which inspire us to develop Love towards all. He expressed unbiased Love towards all around him: his parents, brothers, wife, the jealous step-mother – Kaikeyi, the boatman Guha, the cursed Ahalya, the unknown Shabari, the birds Jatayu and Sampati, the monkey chiefs like Hanuman, Sugreeva and others, the demon Vibheeshana (Ravana’s youngest brother) – the list goes on – innumerable were those who drank the nectarine love of Sri Rama! At the battlefield when Ravana was completely deprived of his army and weapons – Sri Rama sends him back unharmed stressing that he only wanted to take back Sita. There was no element of enmity or anger in Sri Rama. The egoistic Ravana was not in a position to understand the greatness of such Love – and thus got punished. Again, it was the Love of Sri Rama which made the whole country of Ayodhya wait very earnestly for the return of Sri Rama from the 14-year-exile.

The auspicious shuklanavami of chaitramaasa heralds the descent of the Lord Sri Rama upon the earth. On this day our prayers would be the best when it is for the good of all.

This happens to be the first festivalaccording to the Indian calendar. At the Divine Park temple special kumkumarchanapooja is performed to Lord Sri Rama. By 2 PM, special pushpaarchanapooja is performed to Lord Sri Rama along with mass recitation of Sri Rama RakshaStotram, Sri Rama Sahasranama, Sri Rama AshtottaraShataNaamaavali, and Bhajans. The Special planchette session by Sri Guruji details upon the importance of Love and the glory Lord Sri Rama. The various observances like fasting, distribution of fruit juice were all devised with deep spiritual meaning – which Sri Guruji explains appropriately to fit the current times.  All these years, thousands of devotees have been blessed and inspired in various ways to progress in Sadhana on the occasion of Sri Rama Navami. The session is followed by aarati and distribution of sacred prasadam. It is a great occasion for all the devotees who visit Divine Park since they get blessed with Sri Rama Navami not just once, but two times every year!