Sri Krishna Janmashtami

Lord Sri Krishna epitomizes the Divine virtue – Dutifulness. Spiritual Sadhakas all over the world have benefited immensely by the most sacred Srimad Bhagavad Gita – which is Lord Sri Krishna’s message to uplift the humanity. Throughout the Gita the Lord stressed the utmost important duty to be done, with no attachments to the fruits thereof. Sri Krishna himself performed various ‘duties’ even though he didn’t have an obligation towards the same – in this way he wanted to lead all of humanity by a personal example. Lord Sri Krishna blesses all those who perform their own duties with utmost dedication.

Innocence and simplicity are the two virtues which are most dear to Lord Sri Krishna. Sudhama, Vidura, Akrura, the Gopis of Vrindavan – were all filled with these qualities – which is why the Lord readily accepted their prayers. Sri Guruji has been explaining the spiritual significance of the various observances followed by devotees on this day. The offering of butter, avalakki (beaten rice), and various dishes, the breaking of ‘mosaru-kudike’ (pot with curds), were all made part of our culture in order to blossom divine virtues of simplicity, innocence, dutifulness and loving devotion to the Lord. At the temple of Divine Park special kumkumarchana is offered to Lord Sri Krishna in the morning. Later the same afternoon tulasi and flowers are offered with mass recitation of Sri Krishna Sahasranama, Sri Krishna AshtottaraShataNamavali, and enchanting Bhajans. Sri Guruji has been vividly describing the spiritual importance of all these rituals – thousands of devotees are benefiting from the same year on year.