Sri GaneshaChaturthi

Lord Sri Ganeshastands for the Divine Virtue – Patience. Patience is that Divine nature which enables us to maintain the inner calm amidst external disturbances. Calmness of mind is the most common quality that we observe in great spiritual Sadhakas all over the world. In today’s world of heightened anxiety and rush we usually do not perform to our best capacity in any field like work, family, society, studies etc. Our behavior with others is also becoming harsher for no good reason. The sudden spurt of psycho-somatic diseaseslike high blood pressure, hypertension, back pain, lack of quality sleep – are all the echoes of our own failure in developing patience. Thus patience is a must to improve our health as well as our involvement in any other activity.

Sri Guruji says that by submitting oneself to Lord Sri Ganesha one can easily develop patience and forbearance. Lord Ganesha also blesses us in developing sharpness and agility – as a result of which, we perform much better in our studies and other physical activities. Lord Sri Ganesha is hence sung by many devotees as Siddhi Vinayaka, Vighnaharta, BuddhiPradaayaka and so on. The various observances followed on this occasion are intended to inculcate patience and forbearance in us, and also offer our own lot of karmic load to Lord Sri Ganesha. At Divine Park temple, special kumkumarchana is performed in the morning. Offering of flowers and garike-grass, with mass recitation of GaneshaSahasranamavali, GaneshaAshtottaraShatanamavali, and Bhajans are done starting from 2 PM. Sri Guruji also elaborates the importance of and the means to develop patience through spiritual Sadhana during the special planchette session on that day.