Lord Shiva stands of Nil-selfishness – the virtue which makes the devotee to give others with no expectation in return. According to the English calendar this happens to be the first festival in the newyear. Nil-selfishness is the expression of love through service and sacrifice. Sharing what one owns for the welfare of all is possible only when there is love towards all – the feeling that all are our own, children of the same Lord. Sri Guruji explains that the bhasma (sacred ash) worn by Lord Shiva implies the impermanence of the physical assets– hence it inspires one to come out of selfishness.

On the nearest Sunday to MahaShivaratri at the temple of Divine Park special kumkumarchana is offered to the Lord Shiva in the morning. Offering of bilwa leaves and flowers with mass recitation of Shiva Sahasranama, Shiva AshtottaraShataNamavali, Bhajans – form the part of celebrations done in the afternoon. Sri Guruji nicely explains the importance of nil-selfishness and also the various spiritual Sadhanas through which one can please Lord Shiva.