Sri Guruji – Swami Vivekananda, often repeats that the purpose of this human birth is for us to reach the Divine. In other words the goal is “Transcending animality to reach Divinity through humanity”. Reaching divinity is possible only when we inculcate the five Divine virtues namely, Love, Patience, Forgiveness, Dutifulness and Nil-selfishness. God is the embodiment of all these Divine virtues – 100%. Various festivals came into vogue in our culture in order help the common masses to blossom these qualities within. On the same lines, Divine Park observes five major festivals: Sri Rama Navami, Sri GaneshaChaturthi, Sri Krishna Janmashtami, Navaratri and MahaShiva Ratri. At the Divine Park temple special pooja and celebrations are organized on the nearest Sunday of these festivals. Special arrangements for anna-santarpana are done on these days by the VeeraYuva Shakti Sanghatane – the youth volunteer group of Divine Park.

On all these festivals Sri Guruji says that if we pray with 1% of yearning and devotion, the Lord considers the same as 100% and graces us. One of the best ways to do the same is to chant the holy names of the Lord for at least 10 hours through manasika-dhyana (deep meditation).

We heartily welcome you all to Divine Park (please look at the calendar), and involve yourself in the special poojaon all these occasions!