Atmonnathi Workshop

Many of us are spiritually inclined, but have no particular method by which we can experience spirituality.  We pray, but do not know if our prayers reach God.  We do not get any answers to our questions about spirituality and God.  To get our questions answered we look for guidance outside ourselves.

Atmonnathi is comprised of two words – Atma and Unnathi.  The Atma is the soul or divinity that exists within each and every one of us, and Unnathi means progress.  These two  words put together mean progress towards realization of the divinity within us, which is the ultimate goal of spirituality.  Atmonnathi Retreat is one step towards this realization.


Yuva Chaitanya Shibhira

Today’s young generation is being subjected to many distractions and thereby lack focus on the higher objectives of life. India is at the verge of being an economic superpower and definitely the Youth are an integral part of this development. With the revolution of IT and other sectors, India is providing good opportunity to the Young to earn better.