Divine Spark – A unit of Divine Park. Presently there are more than 150 Divine Sparks functioning across the world. All these centers are devoted to spread the noble ideas of Sri Guruji Swami Vivekananda. It is a group of likeminded people inspired by the ideas of Divine Park. An ultimate platform for anyone who is interested to get progress in his/her spiritual path or willing to do any kind of selfless service to the mankind.

Divine Spark helps spiritual seekers in various ways. It provides Sathsangs, Creates opportunities to do good to others, shares knowledge, inspires common man to do his/her best in all their aspects life like Spiritual, Professional and family life. Various programs are organized in each of these Divine Sparks to achieve the major goal of the Divine Park – Man Making and Nation building.

Few of them are – Shishu sandeepa – Helps to build a strong foundation of moral values in the heart of young ones. Vidyarthi Deepa – Motivates the students to achieve excellence in their student life. Other many Projects to lead an ideal family life along with their spiritual growth.

D evotion to see, seek and seize God in all,

I nspiration to be able, noble and humble always,

V eneration towards all in all ways,

I ntelligence to stand under and understand the Highest Truths easily,

N ew outlook to form and reform the society with bright ideas and ideals,

E xcellent care for Sadhana with constant deep meditation,

S implicity mixed with surrender all the time,

P oliteness with punctuality in all dealings,

A dmiration of the good in all then and there only,

R eady response to all doubts and questions smartly,

K icking the ‘inner 9 foes of sedation’ tactfully and proceeding smoothly

towards Man-making with optimism and Nation-Building with observation as such!